KindredTECH day: GraphQL with Kitze

  • Date:
    17 May 2019
  • Start Time:
    09:00 CEST
  • End Time:
    18:00 CEST
  • Location:
    The Centre Pjazza Tigné, Tigné Point, Sliema, Malta

Our next KindredTECH is here on 17th of May in our Office in Sliema

We have invited Kitze from React Academy to host a full day hands on workshop on GraphQL. This workshop was sold out almost immediately in React Amsterdam this year for 450 euros/ticket!

We will release 25 free seats for like-minded passionate Front End Developers who thrive to grow and learn. Be quick to register!

Our GraphQL workshop will be in two parts, next one will be during the fall 2019. This is the first one where we will gain a good understanding on how to start working with GraphQL. We will cover the following topics


  • Intro

  • Exploring GraphiQL & Playground


  • Types, Scalars, Custom Types, Variables, Queries, Mutations, Resolvers

  • Nested entity resolvers

  • Mutations


  • Fetching data without a library

  • Apollo Boost

  • Render Props

  • Apollo Query

  • Apollo Mutation


We will meet you at 9am for breakfast. We will also provide you lunch and drinks during the day, vegetarian and vegan options are available. You can park your car in the Point Shopping Mall garage.



Do I need a laptop?


What are the prerequisites for this workshop?

  • Good knowledge of JavaScript, and most of the new ES6 features

  • Good understanding of React and most of its concepts.

  • The Render Props pattern in React will be explained, but it’s great if you already know it.

Do I need a local setup?Yes. You need the following tools and libraries on your machine:

  • Node >= 6.
  • create-react-app (installed globally with npm install create-react-app -g)
  • An editor of your choice. VS Code is free and it has everything that you need out of the box.

Hint: You can use nvmnvm-windows, or n to easily switch Node versions on your machine.

Please take a look at our Senior Front End Position we have available in Malta!


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